Stars and Crescent

Last week was big. I was in Kansas City visiting family and friends. On Thursday evening 13 girlfriends (Deb, Debbie, Mary Courtney, Spunky, Sue, Stratty, Annie, Carrie, Libby and Lori) got together to experience StoryClub. Cindy, the hostess with the mostest, was prepared with margs and nibbles. Dang that guac was good! Anyway, none of these girls had experienced StoryClub. I can only tell you that the story started with Carly… hoping to go back in time and erase last night’s argument with X. She wondered if they would ever speak to one another again. She hoped so if only to resolve their ‘predicament’…. Well, chapter one revealed that X was, in fact, Reece (or was it Reese) the sexy personal trainer. Hmmmm. The tale that ensued revealed so many turns and twists with their ‘predicament’ only to be revealed at the story’s end. I’d love to tell you the dirty details cause this story ranked right up there with Lifetime Originals.  BUT other than mentioning an unusual stars and crescent tattoo hiding in a very private spot, all I can say is that what happens at StoryClub…stays at StoryClub. So, start yours today!  Girls you are going to LOVE this!

P.S.  It was a happily ever after ending!  🙂



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2 responses to “Stars and Crescent

  1. Cindy

    Well, I can confirm that a good time was had by all. We do need to meet again to address some unresolved issues. I understand the title of our story is in question, and I stand by it! And I think there is a new unwritten rule. In case of indecision (13 women making a decision?) the hostess gets to decide. That’s power!
    Now I’m off to get that tattoo removed.

  2. Carrie

    What did the title end up being? “Phone Home”? It was a great time and wonderful to see so many friends in one room. Thanks Cindy and Marcie!

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