Ruby Red

Ruby red lipstick, stilettos, lingerie and bikini…  All her signature color, ruby red.  Erica packed them all for her trip to the Caribbean thinking, “It’s better to be prepared.”  She was heading to Barbados with some girlfriends.  She couldn’t wait to relax on the warm sandy beaches everyday, and dance the night away at the hot rum bars every night!  Truly, it was going to be a great vacation and Erica was definitely in need of one.  She’d recently ended a five year relationship because Todd had not produced an engagement ring, let alone a proposal.  “I’m not getting any younger,” she continued to remind herself.  She was bound and determined to find love in the Caribbean.  Even if it was love under the influence of pina coladas.  Or maybe strawberry daiquiris.  She was prepared with her new ruby red string bikini and Tory Burch beach tote.   Surely these would create some interest!  Yet, upon landing, the plane began to shake and smoke filled the cabin.  Screams let out and panic overtook.  What happened next was something that nobody could comprehend….


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