Stories and more Stories

Stories.  Stories.  Stories.  Now that I’ve done a little drilling in your head, pay attention to exactly how many times you hear the word ‘story’ everyday.  It’s amazing.  Our lives are filled with them.  Every thought we have and action we take could be turned into a story.  After a long day of work we usually ask the proverbial question, “How was your day?”  What ensues are stories.  Dinner conversation is…stories.  Running into a friend at the market usually ends up with swapping a story or two.  Everyday life is full of them.  They’re as natural in our lives as the sunrise every morning.  Well, except for places like Seattle…  And sometimes, these everyday stories get bigger and bigger every time they’re told.  Yeah, you know what I mean.  So, stop and listen for the word.  Promise you’ll hear it multiple times everyday.  And when you take that moment to share a story, make it good.  Nothing wrong with adding a little here and there.  It’s only a story after all.


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