Smitten Steven

(Story Starter) Denise, the personal trainer to the ultra wealthy is hiding a deep personal secret.  The only person who knows about it is X (People card) Steven…the shrewd district attorney who has a few secrets of his own.  Chapter 1. Recently, the two have become dangerously close during their one-on-one workouts.  You see, once upon a time Denise was Dennis.  Yet, to look at her one would never suspect.  Infamous for her training regiment, her services are in great demand.  In fact, she has been known to travel as far as (Places card) Paris for workout sessions at the request of a client on holiday.  Her training sessions are long and difficult.  One literally collapses afterward, even in the best of shapes.  Her motto (Things card) if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body is the mantra among her clientele.  Which is funny because nearly all of them have had some work done…  Yet, little did everyone know that the majority of her body was created on the operating table.  Steven knew everything.  And, yet he was smitten with her.  Loved to be seen in public with her.  Quite a gorgeous looking couple indeed.  It was unfortunate that their relationship could go no further than dating.  For Steven was…..

If your StoryClub had selected these cards how do you think this story would go?  Comment here!


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