StoryClub Games has the ‘Write’ Stuff

Yesterday was an exciting day here on DI for moi.  My so-called ‘invention’ that’s been in the works for one year got  some ink.  That’s to say, it made the Daniel Island News.  Yep.  A terrific article that Beth Bush penned entitled “StoryClub Game has the write stuff”.  It begins like this… All the kids were having fun at the neighborhood scavenger hunt.  That is…until little Tiffany screamed in horror at the site of ______ (fill in the blank) sleeping naked under the giant oak tree… So, if you want to know what happens next, you’ll just have to write it yourself.  Such is the premise behind an exciting new laugh-out-loud game created by Daniel Island resident Marcie Jacobs along with help from her book club friends. The Girls’ Night Edition of StoryClub Games is a fun new twist on the monthly girls’ get-together.  The whole idea of groups of friends writing stories together versus reading someone else’s story, i.e., book club, is fun, fresh and new.  Not to mention a great way to connect and stay connected with your friends.  And, never mind, StoryClub is a hoot to boot!  Check out the website (click box top below) and get your book club to try it.  They’ll love a reprieve of having to actually finish reading a book before your next gathering.  Or….gather your girls and start a StoryClub from scratch.  I promise y’all will love it!


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