Another New StoryClub!

Okay so another new StoryClub started here in the Lowcountry.  It’s catching on!  They called me to come ‘lead’ their first night.  Well, I like to think I’m a leader, but for StoryClub….no need for a leader!  I told the hostess that I’d love to come play and meet her club, but to lead?  Nah!  First, I suggested that she email her new clubbers the website ( and tell them to download the How To Play Prologue so that they have an idea of what’s in store.  Then, I instructed her to pair her new clubbers up in teams of two or three girls depending on whether she was expecting an odd or even number of guests.  Then, told her to sift through the Story Starter deck and select one card that would get the story going.  Told her to shuffle each of the People, Places and Things cards and have them set out, along with the storybook, for the evening.  And…pretty important…have some libations.  I mean, what’s a girls’ night without them!  So, she’s ready to go and their first StoryClub will be meeting next week.  I’ll fill you in on how it goes!marci game-13-1


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