A senator, a mistress, and a beach…

There he was on a plane heading back from Mexico having just visited his mistress.  Marissa was a tall, dark, gorgeous woman who exuded sexy from every angle and on every level.  Marcus was head over heels in love and truly believed that she was his soul mate.  One problem though.  Marcus was married to Jenna, who was back in Washington with their four young daughters.  He was a high profile senator known for his extremely liberal views and reputation.  His constituency loved him and repeatedly re-elected him.  But there were those that despised him.  He was ‘supposed’ to be on a guys weekend fishing trip.  Instead, Marcus and Marissa were frolicking in the ocean and dancing in the Mexican twilight.  They’d met two years ago at political conference.  Marissa was a reporter for a Mexican television network.  Their friendship turned into something more the previous summer after notes, emails and text messages back and forth allowed them to intimately get to know one another.  She’d write to him about her dreams and aspirations and he would return the sentiments in personally penned love poems.  When he was not with her, he was thinking of her.  But as the plane landed he was not sure he was he really ready to give up everything to be with her.  And, little did he know the ambush that awaited him when he walked off the airplane in DC….


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