What a StoryClub Dream!

Had to write about this!  I know it’s not the normal StoryClub blog entry, but it’s too funny.  In order to ‘splain this entry, I must let you in on two personal notes.  1) Last night I watched Jennifer Hudson’s holiday television special.  She’s the American Idol that Simon trashed and went on to win an Academy award for her performance in Dream Girls.  She’s amazing and one of her guests was Michael Buble…whom I adore!  2) My hubby and I are in the process of renovating a couple of airplane hangars.  Long story, but we’ll just leave it at the hangar renovation.  So…..last night I had this nutty dream.  I was hosting StoryClub, where else, but in the hangar!  It was a hoot.  A plane on one side, a helicopter on the other, and a Big Ass Fan (yes that’s the brand name) hanging above us.  Typical StoryClub fun writing, sipping vino, talking about our husbands and kids, and solving most of the world’s problems.  You know, all the normal Girls’ Night In stuff.  Then, the hydraulic hangar door opens and who should appear?  None other than, the adorable and talented, one and only, Michael Buble.  Why, he found time to come to StoryClub to serenade us from is Christmas album!  Bless his heart!  And he put on quite the show for us clubbers!  Now that was a great dream.  Moral of this story?  Never miss StoryClub cause you never know what could happen!

Michael Buble


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