Sorry Charlie. What’s your story…

It was the annual family Christmas dinner.  Dawn had decided to invite her new boyfriend Charlie.  She hadn’t told anyone much about him.  So when she announced that she was bringing someone new, David, her older brother snickered something about Dawn’s flavor of the season.  Even so, she felt Charlie was different.  He was kind, smart and handsome. She met him at the gym only four short weeks ago.  He was the new trainer and, needless to say, their session continued long after closing hours.    They had seen one another nearly every night since, and Dawn was falling hard.  When she invited him to Christmas dinner, he quickly agreed.  He had told her that his family wasn’t close and, therefore, didn’t gather for holidays.  In fact he hadn’t seen them in years.  He said that he really didn’t want to get into it with her this early into their relationship.  On Christmas afternoon, they arrived just as the party was getting started.  Dawn made all the proper introductions and everyone seemed to instantly warm up to Charlie.  Even Dawn’s mother gave her a wink signaling approval.  Then, big brother, David arrived.  When his eyes met Charlie’s, there was an awkward silence as both of them were literally speechless.  It was obvious they’d known one another…extremely well…


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