Love Stories

Every moment of our lives is a story.  Even the simplest of conversations can turn into stories.  Like yesterday, I was up on a ladder wiping down ceiling fans and light fixtures.  (Btw, this project should be done a lot more frequently.  Where does the dust come from?)  And, I was dusting the high shelves (ladder required) in the sitting room adjacent to the bedroom.  These shelves contain a veritable slew of family photos, tchotchkes, and a bunch of hat boxes filled with letters, cards, photos, etc.  A trip down memory lane, if you will.  And since I had not climbed that ladder in quite some time, I decided to take a peek…while I was up there and all.  The first box was wedding stuff, blah blah blah.  The second box was filled with Hubby’s stuff, yawn.  The third was my box.  Filled with cards, emails, letters and love stories from days gone by.  I stood on that ladder and read a couple of Hub’s letters.  Then it occurred to me how utterly nuts he was about me in those courting years.  Why…I don’t think I actually realized this back then.  Or perhaps the years have created a bit of memory lapse.  All I know is that with a fresh eye, these letters and sentiments were seriously beautiful!  I suppose as the years fly by, the love stories between a couple become less and less, dare I say, flowery?  Good to take that trip down memory lane every so often.  If only to renew the passion for creating new love stories!


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