From naked to Lilly.

Here’s a story.  Yesterday I received an email from a storyclubber in Peachtree City, GA (Atlanta).  She tells me that she had her first girls’ night gathering and they have decided to call their club PiC StoryClub.  You’re probably thinking that the P and the C stands for the obvious Peachtree City.  But really, with this group ‘o gals, the name refers to being Politically Incorrect…in Peachtree City, that is.  Pretty sure this name was collectively agreed upon after the third or fourth pinot bottle bit the dust.  Anyway, she wanted me to know what a fun and hilarious night it was.  But even more, she told me of the connections she made.  Some with brand spanking new girlfriends and some with older girlfriends.  One thing she said that blew her mind away was something she learned.  She was chatting it up with her friend while in the midst of writing chapter 3 when she learned that her friend spent three years (age 13-15) living in a nudist colony in northern California.  What?  Yep, her parents, Silicon Valley techies, were, as it turns out, fond of nudity.  And she quotes in the email, “Marcie, I live across the street from this girl, who, by the way might as well have the name Lilly Pulitzer for her wardrobe.  Our kids are best friends, we walk every morning, our hubbies are pals, etc.  Why did I not know this about her?” I can tell she’s LOLing while writing.  Which, in turn, made me LOL.  Aint it amazing what you can learn from just writing stories with your friends….


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