Play Mitsy for Me

Mitsy had her issues.  She was teetering on being a Hollywood Has Been.  Which was sad because she was only 26.  Her career began as a teenager when she was discovered by a producer while waiting tables at Randy’s Cafe in Palm Desert.  He was looking for a newcomer for a Disney movie and she fit the bill to a T.  “Natural talent,” is what the headlines read.  But like most young starlets, the fame caught up with her and she’d been in and out of the country club rehab a half dozen times.  Tabloids had a hay day with her.  Despite her problems, she was given one last chance.  She was cast in the current dramatic holiday blockbuster which was getting lots of Oscar buzz.  All was fine until she was photographed outside a nightclub, locked in a compromising embrace with a man who’s identity was hidden at the time.  Later the tabloids splashed the news of her evening’s tryst with the dashing junior state senator known for his liberal views and reputation….


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