Valentine Heartache 90210

It was another day at Rodeo Drive’s most renowned jewlers.  The morning was filled with tourists and lookie loos.  Not too many buyers in this economy, even in Beverly Hills.  But after lunch, Pierre Henri’s pager buzzed that he had a very special guest waiting in the storefront.  Quickly PH (as his friend’s referred to him) threw on his jacket, ran a hand through his hair and stepped out to greet his guest.  Attempting to hide his identity, the fellow wore a knit hat and large dark sunglasses.  But there was no denying the scraggly beard.  With Valentine’s day looming, he wanted to pick up the bracelet he’d ordered a week ago.  PH ushered him to a private viewing room and enveiled the LOVE bracelet so he could check the inscription….I will always and only love you.  It was perfect and he asked to have it wrapped.  As he left the shop, Pierre Henri and his co-workers still did not know if the bracelet was for Angie or Jenn…..


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