Red Widow

Sara Margaret is known as the most aggressive real estate agent in town.  A real ball-buster.  Gets the big listings and clients.  Work work work.  24/7.  Especially since her very messy divorce with Sam, was finalized.  He was her husband and business partner and they’d built quite a business. It had been six months since the divorce and Sara Margaret was finally over him.  A Fortune 500 company was moving to town and she had snagged the CEO to help find his family a home.  There were a deluge of homes on the market so after screening her new client, she narrowed down a prospective list to twelve.

That weekend, the entire family visited to house hunt.  The first home was a brand new listing that Sara Margaret had not had time to preview in person.  The online listing, however, looked perfect. Why not show the best first? It was the home of a wealthy women who, sadly, was widowed a few years back when her husband was killed in a car accident.  She had homes in St. Lucia and NYC, and therefore, was rarely seen around town.  Sara Margaret was thrilled her house went on the market as she’d always wanted to see the inside of the big house on the hill. The tour was all oohs and ahhs as they walked from room to room.  Saving the best for last, they ended up in the lush master bedroom suite.  As she entered, Sara Margaret thought her eyes were playing tricks on her.  She stared dumbstruck at the painting over the fireplace.  Why it looked like…Sam.  The man in the painting was spitting image of her ex.  So much so that it took her breath away.  It couldn’t be!  But when she saw the beautifully framed photographs on the bureau, she knew it was him.  She gasped with a closer look.  He was wearing the red cashmere Christmas blazer that she’d bought him two years ago!  Sam and the widow?  The room began to  spin and Sara Margaret dropped to the silk Persian rug, unconscious.


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