Snow & Friends

Here’s a story.  A true one.  Last week I was visiting my fam in KC.  Freezing friggin’ cold it was (hadda get that dig in), but it was okay cause nearly every day it snowed.  And not just any old snow.  See when you’ve been living far away from the white stuff, you kinda miss it.  (Don’t tell my fam or anybody, for that matter, in the midwest cause you might get coldcocked.)    And if I was gonna get to enjoy any snow on this trip, this was surely the kind to get.  It was that really wet giant snowball kinda snow that makes it seem, at the moment, like you’re inside of a fairy tail snow globe.  Everyone wrapped up in big scarves and mittens with their heads tilted up to catch tennis ball sized snowflakes on their tongue.  Glorious!  And there I was, basking in the glory of it while catching up with an old friend as we sipped java at the neighborhood SBX.  Reliving stories of days gone by, catching up on everyone’s lives, and just giggling at what crazy kids we once were.  What fun.  Thanks for the catchup @ShellyKramer.  Loved it!


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