Fast Friends

Here’s an example of how powerful StoryClub can be in connecting people.  Couple of months ago a woman from Baltimore ordered a game.  Baltimore?  I’m thinking how in the world did she find out about our little new game?  So I emailed her, and low and behold Bonnie had just moved to Seabrook Island which is about 30 minutes from us here in Charleston.  She said she’d received the skirt! Daily Muse email about StoryClub and thought it would be a great way to meet new friends.  Great idea, I thought.  And to get her started, I connected her with a Seabrook friend of mine named Denise.  Fast forward a couple of months.  I ran into Bonnie and Denise last night and they have become fast and best friends.  Cracks me up this small world of ours!  Further, their StoryClub on Seabrook is getting ready to launch this spring.  I’m thinking that Seabrook Island will never be the same……


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