Game. Set. Masquerade Match.

It was the country club’s annual masquerade ball.  Hiding behind masks maked it the ‘not-seen and not-be-seen’ party of the year.  The theme this year?  Shakespeare.  So there were bound to be some pretty elaborate costumes.  Evan was not formally invited as he was not a club member.  However, he informally received invites by many of the leading club ladies.  Since his first day of work, Evan, the club’s handsome new tennis pro, was booked solid for private lessons.  The women were actually fighting for his attention.  It was rumored that Tinley Hunnicutt actually gave her new Hermes red croc Birken to Vanella Stonestreet in exchange for Vanella’s weekly scheduled time with Evan.  And Tinley waited a year for that handbag!

Evan wasn’t sure if he should go, but in the end he got caught up in all of the masquerade excitement and decided to attend.  Everyone was talking about which of Shakespeare’s characters they were going to be.  Yet even as he was repeatedly asked, Evan kept his costume a secret….until the week before when he let it slip out to a select few ladies that he was coming as Mark Antony, the strong and fierce warrior.  The night of the ball, there must have been at least 30 Cleopatra’s…all waiting for their dance with the tall dark Mark Antony.  Needless to say the men at the party were not happy.  At midnight, during a band break, there came a loud scream from the foyer.  Everyone rushed from the ballroom to see what was going on.  It was a frightening site.  There, on the chenille settee was Mark Antony and a Cleopatra locked in a lifeless embrace…their blood soaking the priceless antique oriental rug.


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