Grace aint my middle name.

“I really can’t deny it, I am who I am.  I’m pretty normal.  I’m not that smooth type of girl.  I run into things, I trip, I spill food.  I say stupid things.  I really don’t have it all together. ~Katie Holmes

I can totally relate.  But seriously who would have ever thought Mrs. Cruise was ‘not all together’.  Please!  Does she not always (I mean ALWAYS) look marvelous?  But there’s something I wonder about.  Seems like every photo I see of her and that cute little Suri, the woman is dressed for the dead of winter.  No really, check this out at the magazine rack.  She’s always bundled up in long sleeves, a sweater, scarf and coat while little pumpkin is in sun dresses and sandals. Even in the heat of the summer, she’s wrapped up like LA is the new north pole.  Maybe she’s just cold blooded, I don’t know.  In any event that was a humongous digression.  Back to her #quote.

I can totally relate to Katie and her, so called, clumsiness as I was born on the shy side of skill and grace.  My mom and dad attempted to ‘fix’ that with years of tap dancing (I completely failed ballet).  And I liked it a lot.  Well mostly I liked the recitals and the costumes and the make-up.  My sister and I can remember many occasions where our dad would say, in mixed company, “Come on girls.  Show us what all those dance lessons did for you.”  Red faced, we’d exclaim, “Daaaad!” and quickly escape to our bedroom.  But even today, I’m somewhat of a klutz.  In fact, nearly every morning as he kisses me goodbye, Hubs says, “Honey, please be careful today.”  Emphasis on ‘please’.  So it won’t surprise you that I wipe-out a lot.  Like just a couple of weeks ago as I was racing to get to a luncheon meeting and made a grand entrance by slipping on a wet floor, and sliding on my ass right up to the check-in table.  Ah, hello…  And then later that week, I lost balance in my MBT’s (which are these fancy sneakers that are supposed to help you get balanced) and, once again wiped out.  Yep, Grace surely aint yours truly’s middle name.  But I believe in overcompensating for one’s faults.  And I dearly try to do that in the charm area.  So while Katie and I are alike in the running into things, tripping and spilling department, at least I don’t say stupid things.  Or at least I don’t think I do….


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