Money, fame, scandal, shame.

They were hardly the perfect pair.  In fact, they were complete opposites.  Tam owned the most exclusive gentleman’s club on the west coast and was striking from head to toe.  Her cameo skin, long lustrous black hair and heart shaped lips drove men crazy.  But she was only true to one customer, Steven.  He’d come to the club at 3pm while it was closed at least three times a week for past year.  And only to see Tam.  She accepted his tips and gifts in exchange for keeping his visits secret as he was, after all, the most shrewd and successful district attorney that L.A. County had ever had.  He was also very successful at hiding secrets…some that could ruin his career.  Tam had not heard from or seen Steven in weeks when she received an anonymous letter in the mail that said, “If you want to know everything, be at the Carousel ticket booth at the Santa Monica Pier on Friday night at 7pm.”  Also included were copies of bank receipts that totaled $10 million for luxurious hotel suites, restaurants, clothing and jewelry.  All dated and signed by either Steven or the president of Federal Trust of California whom  Tam knew as Phillip.  He’d briefly been a customer at her club only a few times.  Her girls joked of the enormous tips they acquired for agreeing to his non-traditional requests.  She also knew that he and Steven had been fraternity brothers at UCLA, and that Phillip had bankrolled much of Steven’s campaign.  Immediately, Tam tried to contact Steven.  But her attempts failed as his cell was disconnected and her emails returned undeliverable.  So, with hesitation, she went to the Pier and waited while eyeing everything around her.  At 8pm she felt a soft tap on her shoulder.  With a jolt, she whipped around with wide eyes and gasped at the sight before her……


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  1. Eileen

    Love the video…recognize the glorious set that was used…

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