Girlfriend Therapy

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.  ~Anonymous

I love this quote.  Probably cause I am half-cracked.  I think most of us are!  But mostly I love this quote because I know that true friends love you no matter what.  In fact, getting together with your friends is some of the best therapy we can give ourselves.  I call it ‘girlfriend therapy’.  And here are ten fresh ideas for girlfriend get-togethers that will have you laughing, not for hours, but for days.  Oh, and P.S., laughing really is the best medicine.

1. Girls’ Night StoryClub. Rather than reading someone else’s story, write fabulously fun stories with your girlfriends.  Risqué?  Depends on your girlfriends.  And, wine consumption of course.  More info @

2. Coffee Club. We gals love our coffee.  Plan a regular monthly morning java jaunt to test out the latest skinny latte and rant about everything from homework to husbands.

3. Yoga Club. If you have a group of ten or so, I’ll just bet that’s enough for a class with you and your girlfriends.  We hear that hot yoga is the best.

4. Poker Night. Not just for guys.  Hell no!

5. Women Who Wine. No explanation needed.  And yes, this is a double entendre…

6. Mom’s Unplugged. It’s all about being a mom in this one.  Your get-together will have a single theme each month that will conjur up convo.  Everything from birthday parties to breast feeding.

7. Culture Club. No, not the Karma Chameleon kind! Anyone up for a play, a gallery showing, the opera,  or a concert?  Or how about just boning up on some Cliff’s Notes.  Anything Shakespeare will do.

8. Hiking Club. Doesn’t matter if you live at the base of the Rockies or the Atlantic coast.  There are all kinds of great places to hike.  Great therapy….physical and mental.

9. App Club. Not as in there’s an App for that.  More like appetizers.  We gals are always looking for the latest  in dips and chips.  And speaking of apps, you’re probably gonna need a good cocktail to go with…

10. Celebrate Anything Club. Gather your gaggle o’gal pals each month and celebrate togetherness.  It could be a Thursday.  Now there’s a reason to celebrate!


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