Steamy @ 30,000

Victoria was in the midst of research for her new novel.  It was sure to be a steam-filled romance like all of the others.  Yet, her main characters changed after last weekend’s transatlantic flight from Paris to NY.  That’s where she met Simone.  The exotic first class flight attendant.  It was an experience that changed Victoria’s life.  And days after, in a mad quest to locate her, she’d learned that Simone was notorious for ‘entertaining’ pilots at 30,000 feet.  Obviously not only pilots!  Emotions filled her.  She’d go from angry to sad in a single moment.  She didn’t leave her apartment for days as she couldn’t stop thinking about Simone….

This was only the beginning of the story that was written last weekend at a dinner party with 4 couples.  And actually?  The guys did great!  They had no problem knowing just when and how to fit champagne, caviar, and Tiffanys into the story.  Loved that!  In addition, they introduced Parker, the dubious stock broker, into the story who created quite the stir.  Course a sizable will and trust fund always makes things interesting.  That and it makes it possible to afford the desires of every woman’s heart wrapped up and delivered in a little or large aqua box.  LOL!  Moral of this StoryClub?  Girls’ Night StoryClub isn’t just for girls.  Great job writing Steve, Bobby, Clayton and Kent, and thanks for playing!


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