Classic Aphrodisiac Combo

It seemed like a dream come true.  Jay never thought he’d find true love.  He didn’t have the time!  Wall Street was not just a job, it consumed his life 24/7.  His days began at 6am and never seemed to end between chaos on the trading room floor, entertaining clients in the evening, and then watching the European and Asian markets until the wee hours of the morning.  It was just a couple of months prior that he’d been introduced to Claudia at the oyster bar at Grand Central.  If was a Friday happy hour and he was enjoying a cold beer and a dozen of Rhode Island’s East Beach Blondes on the half shell.  He ran into a wealthy South American client who was at the bar with her.  There was an instant attraction.  A feeling that Jay hadn’t realized in many years.  The threesome lingered for while and then his client excused himself, needing to get home.  But Jay and Claudia stayed and their heated discussion escalated on which ocean produced the superior crustaceans.  The classic aphrodisiac combo of alcohol and oysters found them unable to keep their hands off one another.  What Jay didn’t know then, but was beginning to uncover, was that he was set-up by his wealthy client who had ties to Claudia’s deep underground connections….


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