Sinister Sisters

Richard, the rector at the neighborhood church, knew there was something interesting about Sophia.  He’d hired her as secretary regardless of her lack of typing skills and fluency in English.  She was from Bulgaria and moved stateside to marry Joseph whom she met on the internet.  Sadly, two years into the marriage, Joseph was in a fatal automotive accident and had left her a meager savings.  It was not only her looks, but her mannerisms that attracted Richard.  He was sure that he would be able to manipulate her into doing exactly what he wanted with the church collections.  He’d secretly banked a small fortune for  himself over the past ten years.  But his ultimate goal was to show up his wealthy brother, Charles, who lived the high life on his yacht in the mediterranean.  While Charles had the brains, Richard had the looks…which is exactly how he caught the beautiful Lillian, and made her his wife.  Though Lillian was well aware of her husbands antics with the neighborhood ladies, as long a he left her alone, she didn’t much care.  Until she met Sophia, that is.  The moment they met, there was an obvious deep connection.  Over the months, they’d become, as Richard said, “just like sisters”.  But what Richard didn’t know, was that his deduction was spot on.  There were too many similarities and unbeknownst to Richard, Lillian and Sophia received their DNA results and confirmed that they were, indeed, long lost sisters.  It was then that they began connecting the dots patching their lives together, and a secret master plan began to emerge.  First they needed to get rid of Charles as his entire fortune was to be willed to Richard.  Then, of course, they needed to get rid of Richard….


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