Haley & Julio Hookup

In the south, we tend to drag our words oh just a wee bit.  Increases the drama of everything…  So it didn’t surprise me when last night’s Girls’ Night StoryClub hosted by the lovely lawerly gals of Nexsen Pruet (Charleston, SC) had a story filled with southern inferences like: Haley sauntered up to the strikingly handsome Edward with a sultry introduction of Heeeyyyy, I’m Haley, to a character named Scarlett, as in O’Hara.  What a fun night complete with a gaggle of great gals, tons of laughs, nibbles that were delish including fried green tomato stacks slathered w/pimento cheese, and ‘summertime margaritas’ concocted with a mixture of beer, vodka & limeade.  Seriously mouth watering and thirst quenching!  A fun time had by all.  Hmmm, I wonder what’s to become of the Haley & Julio hookup?


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