That Face

After a whirlwind four weeks, Todd was planning to pop the big question to Aubrey while slow-dancing at Mike’s wedding reception.  But, after receiving that anonymous letter only the day before, his feelings turned to doubt and panic.  Had Aubrey really changed her face?  I mean, would somebody really go to that extreme?  After all, she was so beautiful!  “No,” he thought, “the letter simply had to be a prank.”  So while dancing to I love you just the way you are, Todd decided it just didn’t matter as he was head over heels in love.  “Aubrey,” he whispered into her ear, “there’s something I’d like to ask you.”  But as he looked deep into her eyes his mind went blank and the proposal he’d rehearsed at least a hundred times had disappeared and all he could think of was the letter.  Could it be true?  No…it had to be a mistake.  Yet as much as he wanted to believe that, he had the sinking feeling that there was truth to the letter and the possibility that perhaps Aubrey might already be related to him….


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