Pearls, Guns & Cannolis

People only knew of Delilah.  She and her current husband, Deangelo, had quietly moved into the penthouse in The Plaza Hotel a few years back.  Word about town was that she’d been widowed twice and was possibly one of the wealthiest women in America.  Some say he could be traced back to one of the most influential Sicilian mafia bosses in history as it  was rumored that his mother’s maiden name was Vizzini.  The couple lived a reclusive life.  And while he was a mystery, stories and photos of her circulated all over the internet.  Delilah was an old world glamorous beauty.  Every portrait of her revealed her love for multi-strand  opera length pearls.  Of her previous husbands, the first was a sheikh who met his unfortunate end in an airplane crash for which the cause was still unsolved after 20+ years.  Her second husband was a wealthy Italian businessman who, in the midst of a monumental business deal, died of a sudden heart attach.  Each leaving Delilah with billions.  The hotel daytime concierge, Jason, had not had a request from their suite all week long.  This was highly unusual as he normally attended to their needs multiple times each week.  Worried, he conferred with Amir, the hotel manager.  “Perhaps they’re out of town,” Jason said.  Yet, both of them knew something was amiss as it was common knowledge that the couple had not shown their faces in public since the day they moved in.  Amir called the police who had already received a puzzling email about the couple.  Yet, as they entered the suite, they found no sign of the couple.  What they did find on the bureau were Delilah’s pearls perfectly draped over a Smith & Wesson, and a partially eaten cannoli…


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