Does love really conquer all?

Garret wants it all. Fame, fortune, and love. But being such a public figure keeps him from outwardly having all three. The fame and fortune are easy as his well-known last name is synonymous with one of the world’s great oil fortunes. It’s his secret love with Claudia that no one can know about. She is the beautiful and glamorous hostess at the city’s exclusive Russian Tea House. But that’s not all Claudia is. She is an international spy. She employs a bevy of high-caliber beauties masquerading as elite escorts. But really, these ladies are expertly trained to collect powerful secrets from the city’s top business executives to which Claudia transmits back to her homeland. Garret, being a regular customer at the Tea House, has fallen deeply in love with her. And breaking Rule #1 with her employer, Claudia has returned his affections. Behavior that results in fatal consequences if learned. Could she ever truly and fully commit to Garret? It would mean breaking every rule she’d every known. Could they escape or would they be running for their life forever? Does love really conquer all?


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