Light up the girl in you.

We women are multitaskers.  Multitaskers with a purpose.  we have our way of doing things and the countless things expected of us.  So how do we bring back or even find time for the wonder, the creativity, the power and magic of women creating together?  Simple.  Play games.  Any game will do just fine, but one in particular (that yours truly created) had 15 grown women acting like silly school girls last weekend.   The game, StoryClub, required them to write a story with partners.  And the story started like this: Justine knew it was going to be an unusual day when she woke up and Philip was gone.  Left on her pillow was a note that made her gasp.  Added to that starter was the knowledge that darling Philip, a bank president, was known around town for his extra-curricular activities.  And on top of this knowledge, a friend’s wedding and Gucci loafers needed to make an appearance in the stories they were creating.  Hmmmm.  In between girlish giggles and wondering thoughts I heard a lot of ‘what if he did this’ and ‘omg, can we say that’? The room was filled with women connecting and creating.  I saw in each, the innate power of women doing what we were all born to do — create.  An afternoon of tired and overworked women were lighting up the girls in themselves.  Funny what playing games can do.  And, of the stories that were written?  Well, this gaggle of gals claim, what’s written at StoryClub stays at StoryClub.  ROFL!


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