A key to his heart?

Oh my.  Lillian, you vixen you!  

While in the arms of another man, all she could think of was tall, dark, and handsome Jack.  Though she knew  it was ill-fated, there seemed a glimmer of hope in Lillian’s heart that she would be the only woman who could complete Jack in a way that his first four wives could not.  But then there was you can count on me Robert.  Why couldn’t she simply be okay with him? As she gazed into Robert’s eyes she realized that he just didn’t set her on fire like Jack did.  As her heart surgeon, her admiration for Jack turned into a candid, brazen flirtation during her post-op appts.  What to do?  Stay with the lovely no-baggage Robert….or give in to her desires to see if she could be the key to Jack’s heart?


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