Muttley Laughter

What happens when you mix four girlfriends, a couple bottles of wine (okay maybe more), and a game of StoryClub.  I’ll tell you.  The laughter begins slowly and then builds to a night of nothing other than just really hard, ab crunching, smile aching, sheer hysterical laughter.  OMG.  And, who knew?  Yours truly hadn’t brought out Muttley in a very long time.  Yes, I confess, when I laugh THAT hard, I kinda sound like him.  Okay, not kinda.  I do.  And the jokes?  Those ‘you had to be there’ kinda jokes?  I’m sure they weren’t near as funny as the laughter.  What a great night.  Thanks Debbie, Lori, and Courtney.  Y’all bring out the best in me!  My sides still ache, but the smile hasn’t left my face.  xo



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