Girls night in. Girls night out. Tomato. Tomoto.

Who cares really?  Whether is a night in or a night out, just do it!  Make the time ladies.  We’re all exhausted, multitaskers with way too many responsibilities.  Getting together with your girlfriends is terrific therapy.  Girlfriend therapy.  Here are a couple of ideas/reasons to get together that are guaranteed to erase the drama of your daily life … even if it’s only for just one night.



*  StoryClub Gather your girlfriends for a couple of hours of literally escaping life’s drama!  This new girls’ night game is all about writing stories with your friends.  Oh, and laughing your head off!  It comes with starter cards and people, places and things cards.  And a storybook!  Risque?  Depends on your girlfriends.  And wine consumption of course.  Thirty bucks at

*  UnMomClub Leave the homework, dinner, laundry with the hubs and head out with your mom pals.  Every gathering has a theme.  Something to do with being a mom…but not about mothering!  Remember, we’re trying to escape our worries for a night.  So, perhaps a theme is high school prom.  Everyone brings photos and stories to giggle over.

*  PokerClub Hey, ladies.  It aint just for the guys.  Learn to play, it’s a blast!  Especially when there are pretty effervescent cocktails and decadent nibbles.

*  CultureClub No not the Boy George type!  For those who really want to escape reality for a night.  Head to the theater, gallery, symphony, or any other artsy-fartsy gig that’s going on in your town.  Make it a group thing where you all doll up and grab a bite before or after.   Good for the sole and mind.

*  CelebrateAnythingClub I got a raise! Woohoo!  It’s Joanie’s birthday. Yippe!  It’s Thursday! Hell yeah!  Come on ladies.  Look around and celebrate the little things in life.  They’re all around you.  Especially when girlfriends get together.


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